Cutting Carbon

Energy Conservation Measures

Four of five cottages have very effective wood-burners.  Wood is supplied free from the estate    

Water cylinders have all been upgraded from old copper lagged types to Santon unvented units (Coach House March 2007, Old Stables March 2009), or new modern lagged units in he smaller cottages (the Gamekeeper's, Mews and Spry's March 2010)

Since 2008 we no longer use a drying machine for the laundry.  All laundry is air-sun dried.  The commercial washing machine which depended on a separate water tank and heating unit was replaced by an A+Energy rated 7kg washing machine 

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Early in 2009 the ceiling in the Mews was lowered to primarily reduce noise from above.  This had the added bonus of reducing heating costs to the cottage 

Dec 2009 a new woodburner was installed in the Coach House kitchen.  A supply of wood from the estate makes this an efficient form of heat production and we encourage the use of wood-burners by providing free wood

We know we have to live responsibly to minimise energy use.  This means wearing clothes relative to the season, using the curtains and shutters when appropriate, and turning off heating appliances at night and during the day in guests absence.   
These measures make a huge difference to our energy use, so please help us, we rely on you.   It keeps your costs down too.          


Autumn 2011 solar panels connected to the Coach House – 4kw

Spring 2012 solar panels connected to the Old Stables, the Mews, and the Gamekeeper's Cottage – 4 kw to each cottage

Spring 2012 internal glazing throughout the Old Stables.  This has made the Old Stables very comfortable in the winter 


The Grade II listing of the buildings limits the amount of external secondary glazing that we can do.  However, there are many other options to reduce our carbon use that we have and are undertaking. Thick double lined curtains makes a surprising difference to reduce heat loss and are throughout the cottages. Internal shutters are present on some windows and are as effective as double glazing.   Loft insulation is maximised in all cottages. All inefficient wall mounted heaters have been replaced with more efficient oil-filled heaters.


Spring 2016   Window internal glazing of the Coach House ground floor windows (northerly aspect) – possibly using wooden shutters (however, the effectiveness of this depends on guests usage of them), or an internal secondary glazing system.